Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It has been quite some time since I wrote here. Mostly I have not found the energy to do so after something happened in my musical space.

I have been trying to practice more regularly, with some success. The past many years I have not played or practiced enough to retain the edge that degree of competence desired. Even so I fight with having the inspiration to continue at times, though this is fading gradually as I persist in pushing ever on. My memory is gaining again, finding the old lost synapses is gradually taking hold. Practicing daily really helps with the whole musical thing.

I have been trying to develop a method that may better allow progress in the recording process. The problem I believe is one centered in/on, cumulative regular practice. I had sort of considered that lack of practice in regards to particular tunes, with their specific riffs contributes to the problems I experience in attempting to record good clean inspired tracks. In fact I know it to be true. In order to combat this, I developed a list of the six songs I am involved in recording at this time, although; there are many more than six I wish to complete recordings of. I have for the past month tried to play those six tunes every time I practice, and actually work on the weak spots, becoming more proficient at playing each of the parts. This may be helping. But even in that process the nasty "burn out" issue is showing up. So a couple of nights ago I took a detour from the list and all of my other contrived methods. I even gave way and played a raft of cover songs, old favorites, left behind over time. It was productive in a way, or so I think. Last night then I just played for a few hours, no lists, no contrived method or routine. I simply played what came to mind of my original works, with some cover tunes thrown in here and there. It was a very good session, though no recording or attempts to do so came into the picture.

Today I will try again, though my fingers are a bit sensitive (evidence of lacking practice). Though it is expected when there is an increased amount of time playing the strings. The callous is getting deep again, although; at this point I retain a string groove on one finger. I am not of a mind at this time to attempt to record anything as I feel there is more need to simply practice, regaining that in-touch relationship (mental) with the instrument.

Another bit of interest is a new song, March 22. I called it “Why Do I Listen To The Wind” a song sort of about politics, though maybe not. I made a rough draft recording of it immediately after writing it out, since it came up as a complete song. I then wrote a midi bass track for it. It may be one of those good songs in the collection. Personally I find it difficult to place very much of a definitive judgment on my own songs, especially when they are new.

The other thing is attempting to play in public more. I am trying to line up some gigs for the summer. I found one and may get more although that is a part of being a musician that I don't really want to know how to accomplish. I guess a manager would be good.