Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time Passes Eventfully

It has been a long time without adding to this writing.  As is true for me, interest is fleeting, comes and goes, and so I have allowed writing here to slip into the distance.  This time period without writing here has brought with it a vast amount of personal change, some with issues beyond the subject of this blog, but most of them are in the realm of being a musician.

It was spring the last time I wrote here, now it is equally as deep into the fall.  One day in late April or early May (can't remember) a very subtle yet remarkable event happened.  The telephone rang one afternoon, a friend on the other end asked me to dinner at their home.  I took the offer, drove to town and enjoyed a very nice meal (again).  Following dinner they invited me to go out to see a young musician friend of theirs who was performing his very first professional gig.  Why not give something new a try is what I thought.  So away we went.  The venue was very small and quaint.  That is how I met Trevor Miller.

I was strongly impressed with the original music these guys were playing.  I had not heard anything prior which had struck my musical consciousness well except maybe Led Zeppelin back in the day.  I was much more impressionable then and the music of that time period was all so new, bright and seemingly inspirational while still young.  I can't actually know consciously what I heard that seemed to me so striking.   The following day I remained impressed with what I had heard that previous night.  I decided that I wanted to provide this young person (Trevor) some moral support in the least and compliment him on what I had heard, because I thought the lyrics were extremely strong and mature creating complete tunes of stature.  Furthermore, I believed it was all very well done.  I called my friend asking if he could pass along a contact number so I would be able to talk to this young man. 

All compliments aside, having stated such, Trevor told me that his musical group had performed their last gig.  The guitar player quit and the drummer was leaving town to attend classes far away.  It looked like an opportunity to me and thus I offered to at least play with him to feel it out as to compatibility.  A couple days later we met at his home and the rest is history.  We have been playing a lot since then, playing gigs together as a duet, and practicing heavily.  It is a lot of work to create original music.  We haven't heard any of it on the radio or elsewhere, thus it is created in and with its own structure.  Now 6 months later we have mastered nearly 30 original songs and are embarking into the recording process.

The web page is up now Tea & Eye We have only one show scheduled for the future but we have so much work to do in recording that we will stay busy through the coming winter with that alone.  Then there is song writing for new material, etc. etc..  It is truly an exciting time.