Monday, August 25, 2014

Time Slides On By

As I come back to this space with the intent of carrying on or at least putting out a few words toward that end, I realize that it has been 9 months + without writing to this. Where does the time go? It has been a busy time, these past 5 months, doing things for the most part that exclude music. Yet I so desire to be delving into music rather than walking life without it as an every day constant part of being. This sounds drier than its reality. I have had the time to stay with music although not as much as I would like. Performing has only played a small part in this time period but I have had a few gigs. I have also had or otherwise made time for practice and a lot of it. 

This leads back to thoughts contained in the previous post, "Memorizing it." I have done a rather thorough job of memorizing the new material that I spoke of in that post, and I have added new items to the song list along the way. I was able to compose another very good song this past spring. But as to memorizing it, I may not have learned a lot about the process other than driving it home through repetition and being mindful that it was done correctly while practicing. I learned long ago that to have it down actually means that you can play it three times in a row without error. I am not quite there with all of the newer songs, nor the old ones come to think of it. Maybe I am not that good, maybe I just need to spend more effort on the process. Then again I am back to playing alone rather than with others, since my old partner moved to a location 10 hours drive away, which means that perfection has less criticality in the immediacy. If I slack off though, I know it will bite me in the long run when I again find others to play and perform with.

The busy time of recent months is nearing completion thankfully. I shall again be free to do music daily. There is a lot of copyright work to finish up, including recordings. With some brush up, I will be able to turn on the studio and make the recordings without too much editing, or so I think. Right now, sitting here it seems I have become proficient enough at these songs to just play them accurately. That does only suggest my will rather than a reflection of reality. I may not find the chops when that day arrives. It is a nice thought in the least.

I have made some progress in finding a way to get myself heard since my last writing also. Well that is a hope in the least, time will prove out what is real. I found someone to be my manager. I am not worth a hoot at promotion and really don't care about that side of music. Still I realize the importance of promotion, and I have the understanding that with my own lack of understanding or insight into that part, I need someone to take on that part of the journey for me. Thus far, I am likely not ready to get out there due to copyright issues still hanging and the fact that I am doing something else all time consuming right now. Yet in a couple of weeks I will be free of that unwanted burden that has been eating up my life in recent months. I'll be able to return my focus entirely toward my music and all that it entails. I am anxious to reach this coming fork in life's road. It is exciting to me.