Friday, June 21, 2013

Back To My Future

Again it has been another long absence, greater in duration than the last. So little has happened of what seemed a plan. The winter of recording passed without its want being realized. For better or otherwise we decided to add a bassist, creating a more complete sound. Hindsight proved that to be a mistake, not the idea, the individual we chose to fill the roll became the issue. The individual was seemingly a very talented player, yet practice never happened for this person. How can one be a musician and never practice on your own as an individual, seeking to better one's own ability. Thus after over 3 months being patient and hopeful that we could together achieve consistency we eventually concluded that the only consistency we were capable of was that of being inconsistent. The end result was that of removing the bassist from our efforts entirely. The result there in is that of months of lost opportunity for creating the recordings we had planned to create. Over that time period we were able to rehearse two to three times a week, although we had chopped down our set list to be only 10 songs rather than the 30 that had formerly been in use, thus we lost a lot of our momentum. Live and learn right!

Now we have crawled along seemingly over the past two months, practicing only occasionally due to schedule conflicts mostly. For myself as a musician, I have been playing more than I have in recent years, practicing individually most days for hour at a time. I have also had the occasion to write several new songs. The song writing results are impressive to me, although I may not be my best critic for obvious reasons. I do however think these recent songs are of the highest quality I have yet created.

Hopefully as the near future days pass, I can again be more active in writing here. As I said at the onset of undertaking a blog, I want to use this as a tool to help improve or otherwise hone the skill of writing new total compositions. I have failed in writing when it has been ripe to do so. I have been otherwise occupied with life's twists and turns. I try to keep the creative juices going although it seems most of my music time has been the continual review of material, known as practice. The future remains, as always, unknown.