Saturday, March 26, 2016

From Composition to Delivery

I have gone a long time now without writing new music. I did write an instrumental piece in December of 2015, but forgot to write of it in this space. In other words, I have neglected writing here for these many months. The condition remains, having failed to write any new lyrical music since last summer. I have however been staying busy with music without writing new pieces. I came upon the resolve to record all the music I have written in my life, for the purpose of creating a presentation of it, in its best available form, to allow you the opportunity to hear it at your own will. This has in general presented a whole new and different challenge.

If you want to listen to it, you can do a web search for, “the music of Thomas Peterson” and you should find it easily. You are also free use this link the music of Thomas Peterson.

The recording process is very complex, beyond what I had previously recognized. The old days of using the audio tape medium is long gone. Now it is all digital, requiring both hardware and software to make quality multi-track recordings. Being a poor man fiscally presents its own complications. Over the years I have attained adequate instruments along with sound capture devices (microphones) for performance yet more is needed to enter the digital recording world. Having no education in this area, I had to first figure out what is available to facilitate the process, then discern which of these tools are in my budget. I have a rather good computer, but old as technology goes. Many years back I had arrived at the conclusion that for profit computer software is ridiculous in costs, because it goes obsolete so rapidly. I turned to the free open source software available for a Linux operating system. This meant learning a lot about computing, rather than concentrating on music. It has been a big deal however, but through staying at the course for an extended time I am finding success. None the less it remains difficult to do it all by myself. It is challenging enough to be a musician by itself. In this process I am also the recording engineer. I play all the instruments, or program the computer's midi processor to play specific parts (generally the bass and or drums), plus I sing all the vocal parts. In its entirety it is taxing upon my capabilities. Probably the most difficult part of the process is learning to use the software, because my lack of computer education which is compounded even further by the lack of directions that covers the entire process.

Over this long haul, I have made a great deal of progress mostly through trial and error. Each song project delivers a bit more understanding in the process, and how to create the desired results. All I know to do is, to stay on the path using these tools to continue building an understanding in the process while attempting to achieve better results through the repetition of trial and error. Learning to mix tracks together with each track being optimized to its unique best potential is one part of the puzzle that I find illusive. I am finding it all too easy to bury or otherwise loose the aliveness in a song in the process of production. Slowly I am developing a better understanding along with better results.

The fun never ends.